Thursday, 10 May 2012

and the prize for most stupid thing done this weekend goes to ?????

I cannot believe that any one could do anything soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bank holiday weekend this weekend : -) 3 days off no work Monday : -)

Martin is ill: -( so he is no fun dying on the sofa coughing all over the place

So weekend spent cleaning, then making a mess, then cleaning, then tidying, then cleaning, POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!

We went caravan shopping, I feel that perhaps martin would enjoy coming a bit more if he was not always fixing the caravan? However, we can’t find one we both like, well not one that I am prepared to pay for 15k for?????????........... 

So back to E-bay it is if we are meant to have one then one will come along if not we will muddle along in my lovely but old caravan J

I went to Somerset show in Bristol on Monday with Bobbie

We must have been crazy it was tipping down with rain when we left and it did not stop much all the way there 

We arrived far too early so were parked right at the front, we knew that was a stupid idea right from the start as they packed us in so close together  :-0

Like did they really think anyone else was going to turn up? And how on earth were we going to get out?

The rain came and went on and off all day 1 minute it was tipping it down with rain the next it was bright blue sky and boiling hot
We attempted a wonder around the show it was a bit like paddling in melted chocolate ice cream : ! We didn't go far as we didn’t really want to buy anything
Though if it had been a bit drier I may have gone back to get a pair of boots,:-)

Chilli was a tiny bit insane in the agility, which just goes  to prove my theory that she is not ready to go up to grade 6 just yet

The beginning was messy, then the end was lovely. ??????? 

Dooley was the same messed up the beginning and then did a lovely end

there would be a video in here if i could get rind of the 20 minutes of the inside of my pocket !!!!! 

As for the jumping........... I can only assume that the judge had taken too many drugs for his broken heel ??????????
How many pull through’s ? Then miss a jump then other end of tunnel?

I cant run at the best of times, any way it turned out to be one of the funniest and enjoyable courses we all stood around the outside of the ring  laughing I hope with not at  each other
Chilli’s attempt ended in disaster! I think she had been having a word with Dooley in the van and decided to do his trick of taking the wrong side of the jump even if I am asking her not too!
so a big fat E at jump 2 you would think the pressure would have been off then and we would have had a nice easy run, But then you would be wrong it was insane I pulled she flicked I said right she went left I said that end of tunnel she screamed move your leg I’m going in there!!!!!!!!!!!
She did redeem herself with a lovely set of weaves : -) and once again the end was lovely

Next up Mr Dooley
I didn’t think he would be having any of it. Far too much nagging for him AND he had to come round the 2nd jump not his strongest point I kind of thought we were doomed before we started

I was amazed it might not have been the cleanest of runs but it was clear and there were some lovley bits in there i was so pleased with him : -)

Then down came the rain with a vengance  so no more videos i am afraid the camera it appears doesn't do rain though there is some lovley shots of the inside of mine and Bobbie's coat and some candid filming as we thought it switched off if you shut the cover ! apparently it doesnt

Then  the prize giving, 
 Dooley had had the only grade 5 clear round in the grade 5-6-7 jumping in fact there was only 5 clears in total
They called out my name i grinned :-D   then my jaw hit the ground like a tonne of bricks not Heikym Black Velvet !!!!but Devongems Hot or Wot !!!!

No way????/

she didnt get past jump number 2 ? what had happened/? Over to the tent I went 
OMG !!!!!!!
I had run the dogs on the wrong tickets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could any one be soooooooooooooooooo stupid and how did  i do it ? and why did i do it that is a question i will never get answered as i have no idea but i dont think it will ever happen again!

So Mr Dooley was stripped of his prize through no fault of his own i am gutted for him

I publicly appoligise to Dooley  for being such a DICKHEAD !!!!!!!!!!!

We ran the last jumping run in the rain  but it had got  too slippy and the fun was finished agility in the pouring rain is not  fun ! so we decided we would go home

Well thats what we planned we got half way across the field and got stuck! And there we stayed for nearly 2 and a half hours till we were pulled out

I have to say i really enjoyed this show we got home eventually!  tired and dirty and with no rosettes to show for all our hard work but it will be a show I wont forget for lots of happy smiley moments not for the the one stuipid moment of my life

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